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Sker Ritual Hotfix Patch Notes - 23 May

This features a series of hotfixes that is live now on all platforms. If they haven't automatically updated, please close your game and update manually using the dedicated platform service.


All Platforms

  • Added Text Size option

  • Increased damage of "The Plague" from 210-190 max-min to 280-250 max-min

  • Changed the Damaged Graphic that appears on the screen to make it more obvious that you're at lower health

  • Names of Trial Objectives now appear as red

  • Trial Objectives now always appear at the bottom of the objective lists

  • Improved text scaling in objective texts

  • Perk Upgrade menu now shows the main description with it's upgraded values

  • Teammates death timer now pauses during Spirit Revives

  • Menu Options with sliders now move faster after holding the button for a few seconds

  • Audio improvements across all weapons

  • Fixed an issue causing the Killerwatt enemy to cause massive framerate drop when going over a certain number on screen, specifically in "The Ashes of Sker Hotel"

  • Fixed an issue causing the Party Code Input to stay highlighted after deselecting

  • Fixed an issue causing area of effect abilities to break the movement of the gantry objective in "Sewers of the Dead"

  • Fixed an issue causing players to receive messages from other players that have previously disconnected and just rejoined

  • Fixed missing localization in several objectives and enemies in "Deadly Lover's Fortress"

  • Fixed an issue which allowed you to push "The Stranger" around whilst you're a spirit

  • Fixed an issue causing the teleporter particle effect to cause framerate drops

  • Removed Abraham's health reset when he exits the room by accident

  • Fixed a bug causing one of the cylinders to not be interactable in "Cursed Lands of Lavernock"

Steam Deck

  • Defaulted Steam Text Size to Large

  • Fixed Videos not playing

  • Fixed On-Screen Keyboard not appearing when trying to input a Party Code


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