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Sker Ritual PS5 Physical Edition Pre-Order Now Live

Updated: Jun 7

Wales Interactive are thrilled to announce a partnership with Curveball Leisure, a leading global distributor of video games and the operator of The Game Collection.

This exciting collaboration ensures that the recently launched hit game, Sker Ritual, will be available to purchase as a physical editions on The Game Collection on PS5 - which are now available for pre-order!

“We are incredibly excited to partner with Curveball to bring Sker Ritual to a wider audience, extending our reach beyond the traditional digital download stores we already publish to,” said Dr David Banner, CEO of Wales Interactive. “Curveball’s extensive global distribution network will allow us to literally put our game into the hands of more players than ever before through the medium of a physical disc format along with original artwork.”

“We are constantly impressed by the innovative and engaging games developed by Wales Interactive, and as a fellow Welsh company operating in the burgeoning video game sector, we are honoured to be partnering with them for the physical distribution of Sker Ritual,” said Andrew Naunton, Founder of Curveball Leisure. “Having already achieved fantastic success on the digital download stores hitting Top 10 spots across PlayStation, Xbox and Steam, we believe this game has the potential to be a major hit in the physical world.” It is hoped that this initial phase of the partnership will pave the way for a deeper collaboration between the two companies.

Wales Interactive Team

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