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Wales Interactive Scripting Tool


Platforms: PC, Mac

Genre: Narrative Tool

Developer: Wales Interactive

WIST is the perfect tool for interactive story telling allowing film and game writers to create playable multi-directional interactive narrative scripts.

WIST (Wales Interactive Scripting Tool) is our in-house developed application that we use in the production process of all our latest interactive narrative titles including The Complex, Maid of Sker and Five Dates. WIST bridges the ever closing gap between film and game writers allowing for more efficient communication and effective interactive movie and narrative game development. 

Using WIST you can create a visual representation of the multi-directional story, allowing flow, decision points, rules and narrative arcs to be easily seen and edited. The script is not only playable but it is also used all the way through the production process. The digital script file created even drives the final interactive multi-platform film or game. WIST...Create your story, add your rules, play your script.


● Multi-directional Storytelling: Interactive script editor allowing writers to create non-linear stories

Playable Digital Scripts: Creates interactive scripts you can play and that also that drive the final interactive film or game.

Interactive Script Pitching: Allows you to pitch playable interactive scripts to investors and commissioners. 

Streamlines Production Process: Defines the pipeline for interactive film and game production on average saving 20% of the production budget cost

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