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Sker Ritual Hotfix Patch Notes - 10 May

This features a series of hotfixes that will be live on PC later today on May 10 and on consoles in the next few days. Thank you for your patience. If they haven't automatically updated, please close your game and update manually using the dedicated platform service.


Quick Overview

  • Added NoahJ456 Voice Lines

  • Added Controller Deadzone Sliders

  • Extended the Field of View option to 120 on PS5


All Platforms

  • Added Controller Deadzone Sliders

  • Added Colors to Perk Icons on the HUD and an option to use the white versions

  • Added Camera Animation toggle to disable camera shakes for users with motion sickness issues

  • Added Disturbing Content Toggle for Audio

  • Added NoahJ456 Voice Lines

  • Improved footstep audio

  • Improved Audio Reverb Zones

  • Improved playing audio limiting performance

  • Improved performance in all levels

  • Fixed an issue causing interacting with the Godkiller Pillar Sigils to be awkward

  • Fixed performance issue caused from spawning more impact particles than intended

  • Fixed performance issue caused by UI updating all the time

  • Fixed an issue causing Molotovs to inherit the properties of an equipped weapon and sometimes shoot like a gun

  • Fixed an issue causing the game to not unpause if you've been left solo in an online game

  • Fixed an issue causing the Poison Fog Miracle to behave incorrectly

  • Fixed an issue causing the Perk Upgrade menu to always revert the menu background to the default

  • Fixed an issue causing the hidden story achievements to be rewarded before when you exit the game instead of when you finish the objective

  • Fixed a memory leak caused by the Invisible enemies

  • Fixed a memory leak caused by enemies not being completely destroyed

  • Fixed an issue causing some areas to not count as explored

  • Fixed an issue causing Shock N Load to trigger too many times when quick swapping between Godkiller

  • Potential fix for enemy abilities inheriting the damage of the player abilities and causing one shots

  • Potential fix for certain weapons inheriting the shooting abilities of other weapons, specifically the Godkiller

  • Fixed an issue causing critical damage increases to not apply to critical body shots

  • Added a way to respawn in case you get stuck by not moving & holding the voice line button for 2 minutes

Xbox Series X|S

  • Improved Input Lag on Xbox Series X|S

  • Fixed an issue causing the Japanese subtitles to not appear


  • Extended the Field of View option to 120


  • Fixed an issue causing the Welsh language to disappear sometimes

  • Fixed an issue causing the Join Code entry to break when having to type W or S


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