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Sker Tactics: Enhanced Console Versions & FPS Challenge Modes

Free first-person Challenge Modes headed to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on 26th May

We are pleased to announce today that an abundance of first-person Challenge Modes will become available to console owners of the unnerving survival horror game, Maid of Sker. This coincides with the enhanced edition release on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. The new modes showcase a brand-new set of game mechanics, with the introduction of first-person shooting amongst some new and familiar enemies from Sker Hotel — each buffed with their own unique powerful abilities. Purchase Maid of Sker here. The Press kit can be found here. Check out the 4k Challenge Mode trailer below.

The FPS Challenge Modes are available as a free update on May 26, on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. The challenge modes are available now on Steam.

Here’s a breakdown of the new content and features available on consoles:

  • Game modes: The Long Night, Axe of Kindness, Nightmare at the Hotel, In Darkness

  • Weapons: Felling axe, .357 Magnum, sawn-off double-barrelled shotgun, bolt-action infantry rifle

  • Enemies: Six enemies patrolling Sker Hotel, some new, some familiar, all with unique powerful abilities

  • Achievements: 10 new Achievements/Trophies added

  • Additional: Support added for PlayStation DualSense Controller

  • The Long Night - Escape the terror of Sker Hotel - An array of weapons at your disposal, featuring a felling axe, .357 Magnum, sawn-off double-barrelled shotgun, and a bolt-action infantry rifle - Lives are limited, you get three chances only

  • Axe of Kindness - Get up close and personal with your felling axe! - A life-saver, receive full health on respawn - Lives are limited, you get three chances only

  • Nightmare at the Hotel - A full array of weapons at your disposal - Enemies are much stronger and harder to take down - Take no chances, respawns are unavailable - An extreme challenge!

  • In Darkness - A full array of weapons, and a flashlight, at your disposal - Darkness prevails and health doesn't restore - Lives are limited, you get three chances only

A slew of technical enhancements will also be available on PC and consoles; here’s a breakdown: PlayStation 5

  • FPS Challenge Modes

  • 4K 30fps & 1440p 60fps modes

  • DualSense haptic feedback

  • DualSense Adaptive Triggers

  • Improved texture resolution

  • Quicker loading times. Now 1s, was 10-15s.

Xbox Series X|S

  • FPS Challenge Modes

  • 4K 60fps & 1440p 60fps modes (XSX)

  • 1440p 30fps & 1080p 60fps modes (XSS)

  • Quicker loading times

Windows 10 PC

  • New release on Microsoft Store

  • Uncapped FPS and resolution

  • Supports Xbox Play Anywhere

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

  • FPS Challenge Modes

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