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Uncle Marcus is OUT NOW and the reviews ARE IN ⭐

The eccentric, interactive FMV murder mystery, Who Pressed Mute on Uncle Marcus? is out now with 10% off on PC/Mac (Steam), PS4, PS5 (bc), Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S (bc), Switch, iOS and Android. "One of the best FMV games to be released in years, ‘Who Pressed Mute On Uncle Marcus?’ is a brilliant combination of a relatable, oddball comedy and a whodunit mystery drama. The acting is superb, the script and editing is tight, it’s deeply replayable and it manages to balance its tone to take you on a really cathartic journey."

"Who Pressed Mute on Uncle Marcus? has now joined their library of FMV games, and is a twisting tale of family hatred, greed, murder, and dysfunction that may just make your family seem normal."

"After browsing a large number of full motion videos for a year, it is without hesitation in my favorites of the genre."

"A good old-fashioned ‘whodunnit’ mystery is always fun, and the modern twist here works very well."

"Who Pressed Mute on Uncle Marcus? is another Wales Interactive FMV game that is hugely enjoyable, especially in the way they have worked with the constraints of filming, inspired by it to give the situation the characters are in some form of context. The actors are funny, committed, and interesting throughout, ensuring that you’ll want to take in a few playthroughs of the game.

"Who Pressed Mute On Uncle Marcus is that it is a great little game if you have a couple of hours spare and you don’t mind doing a little detective work. The acting is great and the different personalities of the characters make it fun and you actually laugh along with them. This game for me is perfect for a Saturday night with a loved one and a takeaway."

Thumb Culture Gold Award 🏆

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