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Ten Dates - OUT NOW

Happy Valentine's Day!

Ten Dates, sequel to the beloved classic to Five Dates is now available! Meet your new crush across on Steam, mobile, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch! Couples and singles alike can have fun exploring this live-action, interactive rom-com.

Starring Misha and Ryan, two millennial Londoners in search of their special someone at a speed dating event. Speed daters can witness how their choices can strengthen or weaken relationships with potential love matches. As Misha and Ryan attempt to charm five distinct personalities each, they’ll face daunting ice-breaker challenges, shocking revelations, and plenty of awkward moments. Long conversations and deep questions lead to a variety of different outcomes.

Check out more information and follow us on socials for the latest news and updates! Plus, head over to our Discord to chat about your favourite moments from the game!

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