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Sker Ritual Post-Launch Roadmap Out Now!

Updated: May 13

The Sker Ritual Post-Launch Roadmap is here! What have you got to look forward to? Well, there's two FREE content updates that will feature: a new map, a new special weapon, new perks, a new Hardcore Easter Egg and Easter Egg music!

Plus, Playstation players rejoice as we're working on that cross-play!

We are committed to continually improving all areas of the game including: optimisation, bug fixes, balancing and networking. PS4 and XO releases will happen, however the date is TBC at the moment. Every effort will be made to hit the content times and many more milestones, but anything can happen in game dev so dates and content are subject to change.

Above all, we want to thank you once again for supporting Sker Ritual! You've supported us throughout our Early Access journey, over the course of our 1.0 launch and we hope you'll continue to support us during our post-launch.

We now have a thriving community of over 15K members on the Sker Ritual Discord! If you'd like to be a part of it, join us and have your say!

Wales Interactive

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