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Sker Ritual Patch Notes - New Weapon Added

This features a series of updates that are live now on all platforms. If they haven't automatically updated, please close your game and update manually using the dedicated platform service.


All Platforms

  • Added a new weapon: Pistolet Stamped SMG (The Rattler when upgraded to Tier 3)

  • Added a new DLC: The Skerville Slasher (Coming to PS5 8am UTC)

  • Fixed a bug causing the leave level interaction to be disabled in multiplayer if the voting results in a failure in "The Ashes of Sker Hotel"

  • Fixed a bug causing teleporting enemies to push players through the environment

  • More networking optimizations

Weapon Changes

  • Double-Barrelled Shotgun: Increased max damage from 118 to 121 Increased min damage from 29 to 31 Upgrading speeds up reloading by 4% per Tier

  • RS10: Increased max damage from 129 to 131 Increased min damage from 60 to 63 Upgrading speeds up reloading by 3% per Tier Reloading now chambers 2 rounds per reload after Tier 3

  • Pioneers Axe: Increased damage from 330 to 560

  • Sword: Increased damage from 330 to 560 Increased attack speed by 15%

  • Howler: Decreased damage from 667 to 550 Decreased rate of fire by 30%

  • Shattering Edge: Increased damage from 330 to 480

  • Basil Automatic 1913: Increased max damage from 37 to 60 Increased min damage from 32 to 55

  • Baseball Bat: Increased attack speed by 40% Decreased damage from 512 to 430

Miracle Changes

  • The following ultimates now also have an area of effect damage explosion added: Can't Miss, Flash Force, Invincible, Poison Fog

  • Winter Shield Lowered damage reduction from 90% to 80% Increased proc cooldown from 20 seconds to 45 seconds

  • Ice Elixir Decreased base duration from 30 seconds to 15 seconds Increased how much upgrading adds from 2 seconds to 5 seconds

  • Poison Elixir Increased base damage from 10 to 15

  • Poison Elixir Increased base damage from 10 to 15

  • Poison Stab Increased base damage from 20 to 25

  • Poison Bomb Increased base duration from 8 to 10

  • Poison Fog Increased base damage done scale from 10% to 15% Increased base damage reduction scale from 10% to 15%

  • Venomous Touch Increased base damage from 15 to 17

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