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Sker Ritual Hotfix Patch Notes - 24 April

This features a series of hotfixes on all platforms from 22-24 April. If they haven't automatically updated, please close your game and update manually using the dedicated platform service.


Quick Overview

  • Fixed the 60fps lock at higher frame rates

  • Fixed the footsteps audio issue

  • Performance enhancements

  • Fixed multiple reasons for crashes

  • Added 120 FOV on console


All Platforms

  • Fixed an issue causing the footsteps to play more often if you were playing at higher than 60 FPS

  • Lowered volume of footsteps, will add a slider in a future patch so users can modify it

  • Fixed an issue causing some "Kill Enemies within an area" objectives not to count if you kill a lot of enemies at once, it now counts every kill towards the credit

  • Fixed an issue causing the party UI to error

  • Fixed an issue causing matchmaking to be stuck

  • Fixed an issue with the Frostfire Miracle causing it to make enemies you hit quicker if you upgrade it instead of slower

  • Fixed an issue where using the Auto-Aim Miracle caused errors if the enemy had no head

  • Fixed an issue where Aim Assist using a controller would get stuck on enemies that disappear when you kill them until you look at another enemy

  • Improved performance from texture loading and other small changes

  • Fixed multiple issues caused by other players leaving during a multiplayer game

  • Fixed an issue that caused the game not to end when everybody dies and has no token if someone has left the game

  • Fixed an issue that caused the scoreboard & game over screen to show people who are no longer in the game

  • Fixed an issue that caused the game to break when swapping between Sker Passes automatically

  • Fixed a memory leak caused by the damage text

  • Fixed a memory leak caused by caching NPCs

  • Fixed a memory leak caused by points added notifications

  • Improved performance of levels with loads of flickering lights

  • Removed Aim Assist targets from fake NPCs in "Deadly Lover's Fortress"

  • Fixed an issue causing conflict in lobby names and sometimes making people join other random rooms

  • Fixed the Abraham boss fight sometimes leaving the room and resetting

  • Increased size of the teammate revive interact so you don't get interrupted when you get hit

  • Fixed some errors causing some abilities to sometimes break

  • Fixed the Diver Helmet enemy sometimes forgetting to leave the spawn zone

Xbox Series X|S

  • Added 120 FOV (PS5 update coming soon)


  • Fixed an issue that caused the in-game camera to render at 60 frames a second even if your game is running at 300 FPS

  • Videos should now skip if they fail to play, also added "ignoreVideos" as a launch option on Steam in case any other issues are caused by videos failing to play

  • Added icons for people who rebind actions to the middle mouse button and extra mouse buttons

  • Fixed an issue that caused Steam Deck to not show the Game Over screen when leaving the level


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