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Updated: May 11, 2021

UPDATE 1.02 (August 06, 2020)

Safe Mode

Added a "Safe" Difficulty, with no enemies or damage, some items & achievements will be disabled.

For those who want to focus on atmosphere and story only (You are locked to this mode once you start).


Fixed the door after the projector room after the last boss fight that wasn't saving as open

Fixed a bug that caused the Phonic Modulator ammo to show -1 in the Menu

Fixed an error spam caused by footsteps by Abraham during cutscenes

Added a prompt suggesting the player can try lower difficulty after dying often

Fixed an issue causing doors to close while the player is near them after an AI has gone out of range

Fixed a bug that caused pieces of the Phonic Modulator to be visible when picking one of the family crests

Adjusted player noise levels

Fixed Occlusion issues in Ground Floor


Added an option to disable Film Grain


Updated Arabic Localization

Updated Chinese Localization


UPDATE 1.02 (July 31, 2020)


- On Easy Difficulty, you get your health back when dying.

- Key Rebinding available for Movement Keys now.

- Fixed a Vent not saving on the Second Floor

- Fixed an issue that caused 2 doors to unlock when unlocking one door in the Basement

- Added environment notes to the numbered pictures in the Attic

- Fixed a bug allowing you to pick up the map before the open chest animation was complete

- Fixed a bug that would show the damage effect over certain cutscenes

- Adjusted interaction distance for the mirror on Second Floor

- Increased time between entering a toxic cloud & getting damaged

- Fixed a bug that would have 2 locked gate icons stay after they were unlocked

- Fixed an issue where loading for too long in Ground Floor might cause a restart from checkpoint

- Fixed an issue caused by dealing the final stun to Abraham while he's attacking that caused his attack colliders to stay on

- Fixed Basement Music Key Door not saving as unlocked after being unlocked.

- Fixed an occlusion issue with some lights in the Basement kitchen

- Improved Bar Puzzle Hint


- Added exclusive fullscreen mode


- Fixed an issue that would cause Abraham to spawn-camp you infront of the Save Rooms

- Fixed an issue where AI would get stuck to an object of interest for too long

- Increased noise & range of grand harmonium sounds

- Lowered the amount of stuns you have to do to Abraham to 2 instead of 3 on Easy difficulty


- Updated Issues with Arabic Localization

- Subtitles in Arabic are now aligned to the right


UPDATE 1.01 (July 29, 2020)


- Adjusted Enemy AI detection through walls

- Detection when damaged has been reduced

- Fixed an issue with Hold Breath interrupting itself on rare occasions

- Increased the amount of sound reduction Hold Breath provides


- TAA sharpening increased for a clearer image (this resolves the slight blur some users are noticing)

Hard Mode:

- Limited saves increased from 5 to 10

- Balanced the number of enemy AI in earlier levels


- Updated Issues with Arabic Localization

- Updated Issues with Italian Localization

Additional Notes:

- Maid of Sker features settings to toggle on/off some options including motion blur, chromatic aberration and post-processing. #There is also the option to switch between different anti-aliasing.

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