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Episode Three: Sewers of the Dead is Out Today

Descend into the Sewers of the Dead, the Sker Island underground lair and home of The Stranger.

Wales Interactive have launched Episode Three of Sker Ritual, the co-op FPS spin-off from the occult horror game, Maid of Sker. This early access title is available for PC and Mac via Steam and will arrive on console later this year.

Delve into the Sewers of the Dead, the Sker Island underground lair and home of The Stranger. Navigate through tunnels of infestation where the Quiet Ones are not your only enemy. Watch where you step as The Stranger's swarm of rats are under the control of his glaring eyes.

Discover what challenges await you in the new Sewers of the Dead Trailer:


GUTO (Elite Enemy #1)

Run, run as fast as you can because in a flash the Guto will be upon you. These agile elites dash at alarming speed and in unpredictable directions, making every twist and turn through the dank underground a possible threat.

DEMON HAG (Elite Enemy #2)

Now she’s she’s not...beware the teleporting Demon Hag and her searing laser beams that shoot out from her gruesome, green eyes. Rising from the dirt and murk, this elite is a deadly combination of the Witch and the Mariner.


Unlock areas of the map with the help of a mind-controlled Quiet One. Escort the lumbering enemy turned ally safely and be sure to keep feeding it points if you want it to walk faster.

Send Quiet Ones into a spin! Set in the gory, gorged-out chests of Quiet Ones, shoot the rat in the hamster wheel to get them going.


THE PLAGUE - Special Weapon The Plague, Sker Ritual’s answer to Pest Control. Discharge bombs with this multi-grenade launcher that releases plumes of purple gas. Damage enemies and objects alike to progress your objectives.


Load up! This crossbow shoots a fan of 3 arrows and will slaughter through 3 enemies in turn. The crossbow will also be available in all levels.

PIONEER’S AXE This infamously powerful melee weapon possesses a radius slash damage to hack through multiple targets. The Pioneer’s Axe will also be available in all levels.


Find yourself transported into the warped mind of The Stranger. Avoid the sight of his relentless scanning eyes, but don’t get caught or be prepared to face swarms of rodents whilst still combatting waves of Quiet Ones.


  • 25 new, free Sker Pass rewards

  • New Achievements

  • New achievement icons

  • Localisation for Episode 2 & Episode 3

  • Updated Aim down Sight position for The Howler


  • Name of the level and difficulty in the end screen and scoreboard screen

  • Notification when you kill a main boss

  • Weapon stats when buying in-game (TBC).

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