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Developer Update #2 - The Cursed Lands of Lavernock

17 Feb 2022

Join us for the second instalment in a mini series explaining all about Sker Ritual

Hey everyone,

It’s time for a sneak preview and we want to share with you “The Cursed Lands of Lavernock”.

In "The Cursed Lands of Lavernock", players will be exploring a new area of Sker Island taking on waves of the "Quiet Ones". From a small fishing village to a secret underground Laboratory, players will have to use their wits to survive the onslaught and complete their mission across an abandoned Cathedral and areas reminiscent of Sker Hotel.

The long since abandoned Cathedral now lays host to ritualistic effigies, with plenty of hidden passages for the Quiet Ones to hunt from

The Underground Living Quarters holds many secrets, twisting and turning, with areas easily overwhelmed if you’re not careful

The Ancient Farmland is the perfect place for a respite, or an ambush, watch out for the remains of the Quiet Ones previous victims, you can’t save them now

The Mysterious Chamber holds the unknown behind its doors, only the brave can discover

In Sker Ritual, players will come up against the turned residents of Sker Island. These new "Quiet Ones" pose no real threat to the players but make sure to keep their numbers low or otherwise they will overwhelm you and cause a lot of trouble.

But be careful some are bigger and badder than ever! The Blazeslinger, Banshee, Mariner and Phantom are familiar faces and if you’ve played Maid of Sker Challenge mode, you know not to get too close and personal to these elite Quiet Ones.

The Blazeslinger is a little hot headed, capable of fire attacks at range, but the enemy of my enemy is my friend, wear him down and he might be your best friend.

Disorientating with her sonic screams the Banshee has the ability to seemingly appear out of thin air, right behind you.

Lost to the depths The Mariner, somehow now returned and vengeful, his helmet is his power with laser precision you need to stay out of his line of “sight”

Evening the playing field, he can’t see you and you can’t see him, the Phantom aim carefully or you might just miss him but he will find you.

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