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Developer Update #1 - All About Sker

3 Feb 2022

Join us for the first instalment in a mini series explaining all about Sker Ritual

Hey everyone,

Welcome back to the world of Sker!

Thank you for joining us in our series of developer updates, explaining more about Sker Ritual and answering even more of your questions. We are a team of 12 Welsh developers, the same team that maid– sorry, made –Maid of Sker. Despite our small size we’re always scouting the forums (and Twitter) and do read all of your questions and comments, so we’d like to try and answer these right now and in the following developer updates.

To co-op or not

With Sker Ritual we aim to bring you and your friends together in an online co-op shooter that leads on from the story of Maid of Sker. You can still tackle the onslaught and discover the story alone, just in case you’re not feeling very social [we get that] but it’s most enjoyed playing with up to a 4-strong team, whether they be friends or future-friends from online matchmaking.

Continuing the Sker

Sker Ritual does have some familiar faces and a story that leads on from Maid of Sker (more about that soon!) but it is not Maid of Sker 2. Sker Ritual has so many new and familiar faces. We love the characters we created in Maid of Sker and wanted to see how far we could push character creation from a multiplayer perspective within what is already a sker-y world.

When does Sker Ritual take place?

The game is based after the events of Maid of Sker, in the Victorian era but with a little more of a steampunk influence that was touched on in the single-player horror. Make no mistake this is a wave shooter with a well-written story campaign built-in. Expect close-up action, dark adventure, zombie-esque survival, lots of customization, and some gothic science fiction for good measure. Sker Hotel has moved on a little since you last saw it, it's now in the 20th Century and has a few surprises still to come.

We are working hard to bring you an exciting, high-quality, multiplayer experience and we can’t wait to connect with new and existing fans. Stay tuned for dev update 'dwy' (two) coming soon.

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Let's hear from you

What do you think? What are you most looking forward to? Any concerns? How would you like our community to grow?

- Wales Interactive Team

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