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The Shapeshifting Detective


Platforms: PC, Epic, PS4, Xbox One, Switch & iOS

Release Date: 06/11/2018

Developer: D'Avekki Studios, Wales Interactive

The Shapeshifting Detective is a supernatural murder mystery FMV game where you play as a detective who can shapeshift into other characters, allowing you to unlock secret conversations and private encounters.


Dorota Shaw is dead. And the prime suspects are three tarot readers with the uncanny ability to predict murder - or commit it. It’s your job to find out what else they know - but they won’t reveal their dark secrets to just anyone… Luckily, you can be anyone you want to be. Even the next victim.

The game features more than 1600 full HD video responses, a simple questioning interface with unique ‘delete’ mechanic, and a randomly chosen murderer at the start of the game. Developed by the World Record-breaking makers of "The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker".


Become one of nine characters to investigate and manipulate relationships from all angles, and unlock the other half of the story.

every character you can shapeshift into has your options voiced by the original actors.


solve a murder, stop a murder, don’t get caught. Any one of three random murderers helps to minimize spoilers.

Hail taxi cabs instead of using a map screen, and listen to ambient content and broadcasts while you choose where to go.

Choices matter 
catch the killer, save the victims, make and break relationships - or don’t.

Catalytic events 
not all branching is binary. Push someone into a corner and they may have more than one way to react.

can’t get that vital clue yourself? Try shapeshifting into the Police Chief. Think the dialogue options are a trap? Delete them. 

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