Calon Lân Gameplay Trailer Reveal

Make your Reservation at the Sker Hotel!

Join us for the hotel's Grand Re-opening on July 28th, pre-order from July 21st on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. At Sker Hotel we offer grotesque views, eerie forest trails, and blood-soaked beds. Be our guest but watch your step, make a sound and the Quiet Ones welcome you.

Now you've seen sound devices in use, you've seen the breathing mechanic, the sound-based AI enemies, the inventory system... now we'd like to share a few details on the save system (a common question we receive!) Yes, you can manually save your game via our Phonographs. We welcome you to indulge in the use of the Phonographs, a device for the mechanical recording and reproduction of sound. Invented by Thomas Edison, the American inventor who gave us the Electric light bulb, it transitioned into the gramophone, which led to what we still use today — the vinyl record player. Our Phonographs offer safety, allowing you to catch your breath and save your game, listen to the recordings and unlock the mysteries lurking within the Sker Hotel. Upgrade your stay by adding the game to your Steam Wishlist!

Now the gates are opening, we will see you soon.

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