Soul Axiom Rebooted: What's New?

Want to know what went into the new enhanced version of Soul Axiom? See our patch notes below! Added localisation support We have overhauled the underneath of the game to include support for additional languages including French, German, Russian, Chinese and Turkish. We will consider adding more languages if there is enough request…so let us know if there’s a language you’d like to see supported in the game! New Objective System Feeling lost? Trapped in a memory? Utilise the new objective system to reveal your current goal. Added Checkpoints to the memory levels Soul Axiom is a big game with some large levels. Can’t figure out the end of a puzzle but don’t want to lose your progress? The “Ax” now features a healthy number of mid-level checkpoints to pick up where you left off the next time you visit that memory. Improved narrative The mystery of your digital afterlife is a complex tale with a depth of lore that stems from Master Reboot. While this was applauded by many, we listened to your feedback and realised how the story unravelled was sometimes quite muddy. We have reassessed and adjusted the order of the memory clips so that you receive both the corrupted AND the restored memories at the same time, which makes it a little easier to piece together the unfolding events. Reduced Ending Requirements We have reduced the requirements to reach the ending so you can complete the game in less time but achievement and lore hunters will still be able to play the extra content. Soul Axiom is no longer a 100% puzzle completion game – meaning if you’re stuck on a few but still want to unlock one of the three endings, you can. Permanent Price Drop Plus FREE DLC To celebrate the Rebooted edition of Soul Axiom, we’re permanently reducing the base price of the game to £9.99 / €9,99 / $12.99. Additionally, we are giving away the Artbook & Soundtrack DLC for free with every purchase. The artbook can be viewed in-game as well as via the files in the DLC download. QoL Improvements - Added restart & return to hub options in the pause menu - Fullscreen exclusive added - Allow the use of powers whilst sprinting - Increased the speed of powers by 80% - Added option to skip cutscenes - Improved controller interactions - Default to toggle crouch General Improvements - Major optimisations throughout the game - Improved gameplay in several levels - Various bug fixes throughout the game Visual Improvements - Replace many static lights with dynamic lights - Added screen-space reflections - Increased lightmaps - Improved some colour grading and post-processing effects

Nintendo Switch Specific

- Added 3 bonus levels that weren't available on Wii U

- Added Motion Controls – look camera

- Added Achievements -

- Added Artbook to Main Menu

- Supports 720p undocked & 900p docked Soul Axiom: Legacy Version The original game will be removed from the Steam store. You will soon not be able to buy the game. However, if you already own Soul Axiom, the game will still be in your library and you will still be able to play that version if you wish. Game collectors rejoice!

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