Don't Knock Twice | PC | VR Patch Notes

We're back with another (VR) update, this time featuring the some of the most requested features by the community!

What's New?

  • Hand-Forward Locomotion (Oculus & Vive) - Our most requested feature was to implement an additional style of locomotion. Sometimes referred to as "Onward" locomotion, now you have the option to point the controller in the direction you want to walk. Simply rotate the controller to strafe left and right, whilst being able to look around freely.

  • Smooth Rotation (Oculus Locomotion Only) - We recognise not everyone gets a weak stomach when playing in VR so you now have the option to turn on smooth rotation! Warning: for people who easily get motion sickness we recommend sticking with the 30 degree snap rotation.

  • Head Offset (Oculus & Vive) - Now the Head Offset feature is fully operational. While this game was optimised at the correct height, some setups may be calibrated slightly differently so if you're having trouble reaching the floor, please head into the options to tweak this slider.

General Bug Fixes

  • Oculus & Vive - Fixed an issue causing the "Read" hint not to appear on readable items for those with a standard controller.

  • Oculus & Vive - Fixed an issue causing your character to rotate whilst you rotate objects in VR with a standard controller.

Oculus Store

For anyone who purchased the game via the Oculus Store, we have now updated the build there to include all of the features in today's update, the previous update and the initial locomotion update.


Wondering if now is the time to pick the game up? You just have one week to go in the Steam launch sale!

Support the Game

You can support the game by leaving your comments in the review section and letting others know if you recommend the game! Thank you all for playing and feel free to contact the dev team here or leave your comments below. Wales Interactive

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