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What a Year...7 Awards Won, 4 Games Released, Prince Charles Popping into our Studio and Becoming Official Developers for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Wii U!

December 2014


















What a great year 2014 has turned out to be for our studio! We've released 4 titles this year including Master Reboot, Gravity Badgers, Infinity Runner and Soul Axiom. We've won 7 awards including Microsoft's Beautiful Games Contest, South Wales Business of the Year, South Wales Technology & Innovation Business of the Year, an Inspire Wales Award, Bridgend Forum Award for Creativity & Innovation, a Bafta Cymru Award for Artistic Achievement and to top them all off the Appster's Award for Best Indie Game Developer 2014. We also made our leap to the console market with our first PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii U titles (Master Reboot & Gravity Badgers). This year also saw the arrival of all the latest next generation development kits to our studio and we are now official developers for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Wii which is big achievement for us as an indie games company. We've been lucky enough to travel the world exhibiting our games throughout 2014 from San Francisco GDC to EGX London to Develop Brighton and we even got invited to the Tokyo Games Show which was a dream come true for us. Along the way we've been fortunate to meet some great people and we've managed to continue to grow our community of fans internationally who’s support spur us on to make the games we want to make. We even had a royal visitor to our studio this year, his Royal Highness Prince Charles popped into see us which was very surreal indeed! We're really looking forward to 2015 which will see the release our first PS4 and Xbox One titles, which the team are all really excited about. Thanks to all who have supported us and we look forward to bringing you some really cool video games next year…and who knows maybe even Barack Obama coming to visit our studio! Here’s wishing you all a Happy New Year from the Wales Interactive Team!

Soul Axiom Released on Steam Early Access & Also One of the First Video Games to be Classified as a Britsh by the BFI

November 2014


Soul Axiom is launched on Steam Early Access with the aim of giving the community the opportunity to be involved in the development process. As well as the launch the game has also been be classified as "British" by the British Film Institute, one of the first title's to achieve this status. They believe that Soul Axiom is culturally signifcant on a number of levels, in particular labelling the spiritual and philosophical content of the game unique.  

Winners of the Best Indie Game Developer at the Appster Awards 2014!

November 2014


We are proud to say that we've won the Best Indie Game Developer at the Appster Awards 2014 in London! The competition was entered by indie games companies from all over Europe. Its was a big surprise to win  given the strong competition and another great accolade for the company.
Indie Game Developer Finalist at the Appster Awards 2014 & TIGA Awards Finalist 2014

October 2014


We've been shortlisted as one of the finalists in the Appsters Awards for Indie Game Developer 2014. We have to make a 3 min presentation at the Appster event in front of a live audience at London's ExCel Gaming Stage on the 12th November...that sounds a bit nerve racking! Its a great achievement especially considering we've been shortlisted from 450 entrants from around Europe. In addition to this we've also just found out we are a TIGA Award finalist in the best Arcade Game category for Infinity Runner. Its another great achievement especially when you see the shortlist which includes the likes of Resogun, Sonic All Star Racing, Forza Horizon 2 and Minecraft! Flattering company indeed and great to be rubbing shoulders with such big titles.

Exhibiting Soul Axiom in the Rezzed Area EGX London

September 2014


Soul Axiom, our latest Sci-fi adventure game, had it's UK unveiling at the EGX London 2014. It was a great experience to be in the indie Rezzed area which was a throng of activity for the 4 days. We met with lots of fans of our previous games as well as journalists wanting to get their hands on the demo we were showcasing. Lots of people played the game over the four days and we were very pleased with the reception the game received. 

Winners of Bridgend Forum Awards for Creativity & Innovation

September 2014


Our winning run continues with the Bridgend Business Forum Award for Creativity & Innovation! What an honour it was to have been recognised for this award. September has turned out to be a great month!


Soul Axiom Unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show

September 2014

We were really excited to exhibit at the Tokyo Game Show 2014 and demo Soul Axiom for the first time.  We were flattered by the fact that we were one of only four UK indie companies invited to exhibit in the Indie Area this year. It was a honour and a chance for us to introduce the game to a new audience and we couldn't believe how busy the show was, it was jam packed! We had a great time, Tokyo is quite a place and not only did we meet some amazing people but we also managed to get significant interest in publishing our titles in Japan which was a big bonus for us from the trip.


Winners of South Wales Business of the Year and Technological & Innovation Business of the Year!

September 2014


We are pleased to announce that last night we won 2 awards at the South Wales Business Awards 2014 - Technological & Innovation Business of the Year and amazingly we took the overall winner winners award of South Wales Business of the Year 2014! Its an honour to receive these latest accolades and great recognition for all the hard work we've put in over the last 2 years. 


Gravity Badgers Receives Microsoft Beautiful Game Award!

August 2014

Gravity Badgers gets a runner-up prize in the Microsoft Beautiful Games Awards! We ended up coming 5th which is quite an achievment especially considering thats out of 150 titles entered, the team are really pleased and we had some great prizes to!!


Master Reboot Launches on Nintendo Wii U 

July 2014


Master Reboot was launched on Nintendo Wii on the 24th July and we've been overwhelmed by its reception from reviewers and the Nintendo community. We've been receiving very high praise for the title for its beautiful art direction and unique gaming experience. 


“I was stunned by how amazing this game is. Once I started playing, I didn’t want to stop until the very end. The sound effects constantly had me checking my back, while the music got my heart racing.”  9.5/10 - Nintendo247


“Master Reboot not only does most everything right, but goes that extra mile!  As it stands now it’s one of my favorites, eShop or otherwise, and definitely among the best Wii U games released this year!”  9/10 – Pure Nintendo


His Royal Highness Prince Charles Pops Into Our Studio!

July 2014


We've had a royal visitor to our studio, his Royal Highness Prince Charles popped into our office! The Prince of Wales had a look at our latest titles and had a good chat with the team. It was a pleasure to meet him and we felt honoured for him to take time in his busy schedule to come to see us. As he watched one of our team create a character for one of our games the Prince remarked "That looks terrifying”.


Wales Interactive - Inspire Wales Award Winners 2014!

June 2014


We are delighted to say that we are an Inspire Wales Awards Winner 2014! It was a big surprise on the night to win the Creative Industries Development Award 2014 given the strong finalists we were up against. Its truly great recognition for the team and we are honoured to be deemed one of the standout inspirational company's within Wales this year.


Gravity Badgers launched on Nintendo Wii U

May 2014


We are pleased to announce the launch of Gravity Badgers on 29th May for Nintendo Wii U. Its release is yet another milestone for the company and marks the first of 3 titles' we'll be bringing to Wii U this Summer. The game has been very well received from critics and Nintendo fans alike and we are really humbled to see it rubbing shoulders with Mario Kart 8! 


Nintendo Insider: "The nocturnal creature hasn't been seen on such an extraordinary adventure since Bodger & Badger went crazy about mashed potatoes." 8/10  


Wales Interactive Inspire Wales Awards 2014 Finalist!

May 2014


We've been nominated for another award! We've just found out that we are a finalist in the Inspire Wales Awards 2014. This is as well as being Develop Award Finalists 2014, Welsh Business Award Finalists 2014 and Welsh Director of the Year Finalists 2014. Its really flattering to get recognition in such a wide array of business awards and testament to the continued success of the company.


Wales Interactive Develop Awards 2014 Finalist!

April 2014


We've just found out we are one of the finalists in the Develop Awards 2014! We've been nominated in the Talent Investment category, it's great news to get game industry recognition for our achievements. We're looking forward to the awards night in July!





Our MD Finalist for IoD Wales Director of the Year Awards 2014

April 2014


Dai our MD has just been nominated as a finalist for the IoD Wales Director of the Year Awards 2014 for Talent and Innovation. Well done on being one of the 3 short-listed finalists', Dai said "Its flattering to be nominated for this award and its great to see our company's achievements being recognised.  I'd like to  wish all the finalists the best of luck".





Playstation 4 Development Kit Arrives at the Studio

April 2014


Look what's just arrived at the studio....Playstation4 dev kit! This is a big step up for the company and we already have two titles lined up for release on PS4 later this year. The box was ripped open within seconds of entering our studio and the Wi team are looking forward to put it through its paces over the coming months with all the new titles we're developing.





San Francisco GDC & Trade Mission Success

March 2014


Dai & Rich have just come back from GDC San Francisco where they demoing our latest titles and meeting up with the likes of Microsoft, Apple and Sony. They were also part of the Welsh Governement Trade mission in which they we're taken to meet  a host of local businesses, venture capitalists and company executives. The culmination of the trip was an invitation to the Residence of British Consul General in an exclusive part of San Francisco where Dai was asked to address the guests.


Infinity Runner Announced for Steam, PS4, PS3 and Wii U Release

March 2014


Our latest title Infinity Runner has been announced for release on Steam for the beginning of June as well as planned versions for PS4, PS3, PS Vita and Wii U to follow. Infinity Runner is a Sci-fi Action Running game for PC, Mac, Linux  and features Oculus Rift Support. The title marks the company's step up to support all the next generation gaming consoles as well as VR hardware support for Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus.  We are becoming known for a company that breathes new life and originality into well trodden game genres and I can promise the same for the running game genre. You can expect our unique visual style combined with slick action gameplay....get prepared to run!

Master Reboot featured in Playstation Spring Fever 2014

March 2014


Its official.....we are pleased to announce that Master Reboot is part of the Playstation Spring Fever 2014 promotion! The PS3 version of the game will be available on the American Playstation Store later today (4th March) and on the European store tomorrow (5th March). Its a huge privilege to be chosen alongside the likes of Fez, Awesomenauts Assemble and TowerFall Ascension.





Oculus Rift - VR Support for our latest Next Gen Titles

March 2014


We've just had a special VR delivery into the studio....the Oculus Rift! We'll be supporting the latest virtual reality hardware for our future titles and we are pleased to annnounce that our next title, Infinity Runner, will have a specially designed Oculus Rift mode. 





Master Reboot Playstation3 Launch Date Set

February 2014


We can confirm that the Playstation3 version of Master Reboot will be available on the Playstation store for the 5th March 2014. We are very excited about its imminent launch and this marks another huge milestone for the company.





Wales Interactive Welsh Business Start Up Award Finalist

January 2014


We are proud to announce that we have been selected as one of the finalists for the Business Start-Up Award in the South Wales Chamber of Commerce: Welsh Business Awards.


This is great news for the company and we are looking forward to awards night on the 27th February in the Vale Resort where we will be competing against Evabuild, Welsh ICE and Kalite Holdings for the title of Start-Up Business of the year......time to dust off the Tuxedos!


Good luck to all of the finalists!

Master Reboot achieves 5 out of 5 in its review in the world-famous The Games Machine magazine!

January 2014


Master Reboot achieves another honour by being awarded a 5 out of 5 in it's review in the world-famous The Games Machine magazine! The conclusion being "Master Reboot is an extremely successful synthesis of the eternal inner conflict between Eros and Thanatos." (That's what we thought to...honest). This is a huge priveledge and the team are over the moon.





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