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".....the kittens with the highest IQs are here to solve all your mathematical problems!"

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Behold the cutest in calculation, the kittens with the highest IQs are here to solve all your mathematical problems! And Kitten Calculator just got includes 4 extra kittens to play with and improved HD graphics!!

The Kitten Calculator also provides a great way to promote numeracy skills in young children and will keep them engaged with the variety of touch screen kittens you can interact with while doing maths.

Kittens + Maths = FUN!

Fun animation and sounds in one cute number crunching bundle. A entertaining introduction to a calculator for kids, use it for number recognition and the most basic concepts of adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplication.




• Fully functional calculator

• 7 Different Cute Kittens to choose from

• HD graphics and Animation

• A variety of fun kitten related sound FX

• Up to 14 figure calculations

• No Adverts or Pop Ups

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