Jibs Arcade


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Available for PC



Jibs Arcade is funny, addictive and unique. Its a platform & puzzle action game, with retro gameplay and farting!

The game's objective can be summed up by one short statement, STOP THE MACHINE! Your aim is to turn off "DAS MACHINE" in each level by using your character to push in a plunger before your time is up. You'll need to keep your wits about you and try to avoid the blocks and tokens that fall from above, as well as using them to help you progress through the levels in an action packed race to the plunger. Mastering the use of different tokens will aid your progress and the fart power up is a must to harness.





• 48 challenging action packed levels

• 8 Selectable characters

• 6 weapon/power-ups including Fart Power!

• Fun & unique gameplay

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