Game Updates

Infinity Runner Update on PlayStation 4

May 2015


Infinity Runner has just received an update on PlayStation 4 which fixes a few issues and balances some of the gameplay.


We’ve been hard at work adjusting various obstacles in the game and you’ll now find they’re more balanced and suited to the specific difficulty you are playing in. For example, no more triple laser combinations on Easy Mode!


A few other adjustments include tweaks to the final boss fight and the dialogue SFX. You no longer have to button mash the final encounter and the dialogue now defaults to output through your monitor. You still have the option to change this to default through the controller via the options menu.


Now for the update all the trophy hunters have been waiting for and that is you can now successfully unlock the trophy for the final Wolf Level you worked so hard to get! We know it was a little hard to track the requirements for the Wolf Levels so now, if you head into the Story Mode panel, it will display your progress on which levels have been completed with no deaths.


We also fixed a rare issue where the main panel doesn’t appear along with some other minor adjustments throughout.


Thank you all for the support with the game and I hope you’re pleased with some of the tweaks we’ve made. If you have any questions or comments then feel free to get in touch with us here

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